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Highlights Cuts and Style

Highlights are very popular for all seasons. Some clients seek a dramatic, but some want a more subtle look, ask your professional color cut and style hairstylist in Amarillo, TX about highlights or lowlights. Highlights around your face can enhance your look and draw attention to your eyes. Lowlights will add a somewhat darker shade to your hair to give it depth and substance.

Have you had trouble recreating the look you had made by a salon?
It's common for people to get their hair done at a salon only to be disappointed when they can't recreate that same look the next day.

Biff understands how to give you proper instructions so that you can achieve that salon look every day.

Highlight Only Consultation
At Salon 2710, Biff will make sure you look do not look like a zebra, unless you want to. Your Amarillo, TX highlight specialist will start with a comprehensive, complimentary consultation. At this consultation, Biff will explain how his service will lead to fewer and less often trips to the salon for highlight only service. His highlight technique will extend the life of your highlight service. His highlight technique includes highlight placement an inch back from the face and placement according to the or shape of your head.

*Appointments Only*
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