Womens Color Corrections

If you have ever been one to color your own hair, you more than likely have had some disastrous outcomes. When disaster strikes again, all you have to do is visit Biff!

You don't have to be a DIY hair colorist to have bad results. Unfortunately, bad hair color outcomes can also happen at a salon. Whatever the reason for your hair color disaster, Biff will get you back to a look you aren't ashamed of.

Color correction by Biff.

There are times when a hair color just doesn't turn out the way you envisioned - whether it was DIY or salon caused. Only professionals who understand the chemicals and processes of hair color will be able to fix a color gone wrong, and attempting to fix the problem yourself may only make it worse.

One of the most common hair color mishaps involves red shades. Reds are eye-catching and look great on the box or sample, but often can turn out like Carrot Top. Biff has been trained in the correct processes to tone down reds, lighten a "too dark" color, or put color where it was expected.

A common problem for many people is that they love the way they look when they leave a salon - but they can't ever achieve that same look at home. The professionals at Salon 2710 take pride in teaching their clients how to recreate the style themselves. What a way to start the new year - being able to have a salon look every day.

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Make sure to check our internet specials. Biff is always looking to serve new clients. He is motivated and upbeat with all his clients.

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