Womens Color Treatments

Hair color - trendy or natural
At Salon 2710, Biff will enable you to keep up with the latest trends in hair color. If trendy color isn't your thing - Biff can maintain your natural color, and brighten it up a little. It's up to you. If you are having trouble with hiding gray hairs, Biff can give you a new look with some of the brightest trendy colors - or return you to your natural color.

Hair coloring is not a DIY project!
Hair coloring is an art and it takes a professional to get it right. Unfortunately, many people think of it as a DIY home project. If that has happened to you and your hair has paid the price, Biff specializes in color correction.

High-quality products
In order to get good hair color results - you have to have the right products, and one problem with home hair coloring is the product itself. Salon 2710, and your color only hairstylist in Amarillo, TX uses only the highest quality products - which you cannot get at a drug store.

Don't forget about high and low lights
For a dramatic or subtle look, ask Biff about highlights or lowlights. Highlights around your face can enhance your looks and draw attention to your eyes, where low lights will add a subtle, somewhat darker shade to your hair to give it depth and substance.

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Salon 2710

Make sure to check our internet specials. Biff is always looking to serve new clients. He is motivated and upbeat with all his clients.

*Appointments Only*

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