Womens Cuts and Styles

Women can have many different hair styles, cuts, lengths, colors, and thicknesses. Women's looks and personalities vary greatly but over time, hairstyles become popular for everyone.

What are the different cuts and styles that you can get at Salon 2710?
Medium and shoulder lengths seem to be the most popular style or cut for any hair type. This length of hair is not so long as to become a hassle or burden, but not so short for you to not be able to style it in a variety of ways if you so choose. However, there are more styles to consider.

The layered look is more than just for clothing. Layering shorter pieces of hair on top of longer pieces is especially good for longer, thicker hair so that frizz and overall volume is diminished to a desirable amount. Curlier hair would also benefit from layering and this is usually done on hair that is shoulder length or longer but makes keeping your shorter hair in check a little easier too.

If you have long hair, you know that your luscious long locks can be braided, curled, twisted into a classy up-do, pulled into an effortless ponytail, or just about anything else that you're wanting to try. With longer hair, your options are virtually limitless for cuts or daily hairstyles and experimenting is easy with so much hair to work with.

If you prefer shorter hair or just get tired easily of waiting months and months for your hair to grow out, a chin or ear length bob would be a great way to frame your face, while keeping off the heat that a full head of hair traps in. This is especially great with coarse or wavy hair that can maintain the look without much effort.

For even more of a striking look, a pixie cut could be exactly what you need. As an easy to maintain,yet still very feminine look, pixies are perfect for both low maintenance women and those who tend to spend a large amount of time on their looks. With more and more women getting their hair cut to extremely short lengths (and absolutely rocking it,) this trend could be here to stay, making bold statements with each woman who chooses to don one.

Why you should choose to come to Salon 2710 for your cut and style?
Whichever hairstyle you choose may depend on the type of hair you have and the style you wish to emulate, but be confident in your choice to wear your hair the way you like it best. Come to us with your own ideas or let us guide you in your decision to style your hair with our years of expertise.

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