About Biff

Biff has over 30 years of experience after being professional trained at Keith Metro Barbering in Lubbock, He chose to get into the career field because he wanted to see “men become gentlemen whether a classic business look or a more polished caveman”. He does just that, by providing a professional shave with the finest razors, fresh steamed towels, steaming, lotions, even the most anti-pampering man will have to admit that Salon 2710 is a fantastic place to relax and let somebody else do the work. To add to the excellent quality of his service, Biff provides a massage chair. He strives to gain as much knowledge possible through taking additional courses through Vidal Sassoon, Online and keeping up with the top stylist and hair designers in major cities such as Santa Monica, CA, New York, and across Europe he is considered one of the most qualified and professional Stylists in the Texas Panhandle Area.


Did you want you hair to look like that celebrity in the magazine? Are you disappointed that you couldn’t recreate the look when you got home? That’s because the stylist probably didn’t teach YOU how to style it! All hair cuts are based on 6 forms of style and shape, so your stylist should teach you how to perfect hairstyles for your head. Thats what Biff strives to do! “80% of creating a style is the right brush, your hands and proper training”, Biff believes that while every head of hair is different every person is capable of great hair. From learning how to Backcomb, proper brushing technique, or what would keep your hair looking great is ultimately what Biff wants to teach you. Through precision cutting, building correct foundations for hair, and proper training, Biff uses his Master Education in Barbering and styling to bring out the very best in you. Biff has over 30 years of experience working in salons all across Amarillo. He has been at this location for going on 10 years.


Salon 2710 strives to provide every aspect of hair cut, style or color to bring out the very best in you!

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