Salon 2710 Deep Conditioning Treatment

Deep Conditioning Treatments at Salon 2710 In Amarillo


At Biff’s Salon 2710, you will be given a professional consultation to determine the needs of your hair.  During your consultation, Biff will recommend products and treatments to improve the overall condition of your hair.


Why do I need a Deep Conditioning Treatment?


Over-processed (Usually occurs when hair has been bleached or double processed repeatedly.) hair can feels like straw, and often loses its luster from repeated chemical treatments, over shampooing, the use of some medications, or even health issues.



What does a Deep Conditioning Treatment do?


The science behind a deep conditioning is an infusion of nutrients merging within the hair cuticle. When the hair is over-processed, the layers are left open allowing natural oils to escape along with colors.  Poor condition does affect how long your color will last! The deep conditioning treatment lays these layers down improving the natural luster and beauty of the hair.


Biff’s Special Deep Conditioning Treatment


Biff will begin by treating your hair with a specially formulated conditioner.  He will then use heat to make the cuticle swell allowing for more nutrition to be infused.  Then it is rinsed from the hair.


Once he has completed this step, Biff applies a special synthetic conditioner.  This ionic formula must set on the hair until it hardens.  Biff does not recommend anyone to do this at home.  If you are not careful, the hair can break off if it is bumped against anything.  Biff uses heat again to activate the special formula.


Once complete, Biff cleanses and styles the hair.  This process may vary depending on the extent of the damage to your hair and only a professional consultation with Biff’s Salon 2710 will determine your hair’s needs.


Contact Salon 2710 to regain that beautiful touchably soft feel to your hair and the shine that you love.




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